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Archive for January, 2008

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A new client came to me recently who had paid around £200.00 for a basic love spell, by some Wiccan on the web claiming to be a witch last Spring. Yes, just a regular, typical love spell, which incidently didn’t even work.  When the client complained to the “so called” witch she finally offered to do [...]

Updated Spiritual Area

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I have had my meditation area set up for about 2 years now and I work in it for many hours a day, I do everything here – work with my Ouija in this area, read my Tarot, cast my spells, work with energies, meditate and perform my remote healing. Moving into a new house with [...]

My Frequent Visitor

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After moving into my newly built house about 4 years ago, I set up my office area under a roof window upstairs. It was a perfect fit for my office, however, strange things started occurring.  Firstly my PC would fail to start, or it would just close down for no reason.  I tested everything and couldn’t [...]

Pushing the Limits

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Everyone is different. I heard of a guy not far from me who offers a similar healing/reiki service and he can only take on board 2 clients in one day.  On average I remotely heal between 2 and 8 people a day… anymore than 8 and I can’t function normally and so I work around [...]

A few more treasures …

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Once I start I can’t stop! :). Below are a few more piccies of the sunsets and sunrises where I live.  I hope you can also feel the sense of well being that these photos give out.  I take all my own pics with an old Nikon Coolpix 995.     

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