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Scary things, witches ….

mojo bag .. but what IS in it???

A new client came to me recently who had paid around £200.00 for a basic love spell, by some Wiccan on the web claiming to be a witch last Spring. Yes, just a regular, typical love spell, which incidently didn’t even work.  When the client complained to the “so called” witch she finally offered to do another spell but a different one – guess what, that didn’t work either.  Since then this “witch” made every excuse under the sun, was completely evasive, and is now ignoring all and any emails from her (now my) client.

What kind of message are these rip offs sending out to people about the REAL witches out there?  What REALLY worried me was that this “witch” eventually got around to sending the client some sort of mojo-bag in December 2007 (over 6 months later may I add) but again it didn’t do anything!

I told my new client to destroy the bag and in it contained a rose crystal, some herbs, a handwritten alphabet of sorts, bit of root, leaves and some HAIR!! However this human hair was NOT from the client nor the man connected in the spell!!! 

What a crock of poop – for starters if you are going to make a mojo bag for love, the main ingredients are a matching pair of lodestones along with magnetic sand to feed them (keep them energised).  Obviously this witch had no idea what she was doing … or did she …

Now I use all sorts of things in my work but I will NEVER EVER use my own hair nor a stranger’s hair in a spell for someone else as this will form an intense connection to it.  The only thing I can imagine is that this “witch” had absolutely NO INTENTION of carrying out any other spell for her client apart from making the client dependent on her and of course pay more money.

Rip offs who CLAIM to be witches should be burnt at the stake and I for one would have a spare match.  If anyone else gets ripped off, please let me know. I am currently concluding a personal black list of sites in which people have had bad experiences with so I know NEVER to recommend them to anyone.

Updated Spiritual Area

I finally get my area how I want it.

I have had my meditation area set up for about 2 years now and I work in it for many hours a day, I do everything here – work with my Ouija in this area, read my Tarot, cast my spells, work with energies, meditate and perform my remote healing.

Moving into a new house with virtually no furniture is always financially tight so I had to use what was available to me.  Although the energy was always very strong the flow of “chi” was never easy.

When my mother came to visit me for Yule and New Year we ended up in a home depot place and found some fabulous low tables on wheels.  I bought 2 of them and we spent the afternoon building them up.  The most challenging part was clearing everything out my area and putting it all back .. but WOW what an immediate positive change!

I found my sons’ original cot mattresses, put them together and covered them to make the floor area more comfortable to relax in.  My area is even more energised now and my work can flow freely and easily without being obstructed by bulky furniture :).

My Frequent Visitor

Spirit Orb Captured on Camera

Spirit Orb - close up

After moving into my newly built house about 4 years ago, I set up my office area under a roof window upstairs. It was a perfect fit for my office, however, strange things started occurring.  Firstly my PC would fail to start, or it would just close down for no reason.  I tested everything and couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but persevered in the hope it might right itself.  As time went on my PC got worse.  I also had a telephone in the far corner which also started acting strange.  The front panel would suddenly light up in the middle of the night for no reason… a bit like when someone phones, however, nobody was calling.  This also got worse.  I am used to being woken up each night by spiritual activity, however, this was getting to the point in which nothing electrical would work properly in that area anymore.  I had a qualified electrician test the sockets and they were all fine.

Over the other side of the room was where I had originally planned to have my spiritual area, however, I kept getting a strong sense that I should have my spiritual area where the office currently was, and I should move my office area over the other side of the room.

To be honest by this stage I was so annoyed that my PC wasn’t working I would have tried anything to get back to some kind of normality.  I moved my office and strangely enough my whole desk area slotted into the other side of the room absolutely perfectly.  I switched on the PC expecting nothing, but it booted up, first time and it stayed on!

I eventually got around to moving my more personal esoteric things into the space where the office used to be and I moved the phone to another plug socket but still in the same area as I didn’t have a phone socket in the new office area.

Chuffed that my PC was working again, I caught up on some work, worked until late then crashed out in bed … only to be woken up by my phone flashing again in the middle of the night again.  I couldn’t believe it as it was connected to a completely different plug socket!

The following day I bought an extension lead and moved the phone away from my new esoteric space.  The flashing never happened again!

During this time I took quite a few photos and captured quite a few orbs, however, this particular orb was extremely vibrant and I believe it is the same one that I sometimes see with my naked eye whizzing past me sometimes.

I had no idea this orb was there when I took the photo – I was actually taking a photo of the Indian saris I had made into a room divider.  Hope you enjoy!

Pushing the Limits

Pushing my limits

Everyone is different. I heard of a guy not far from me who offers a similar healing/reiki service and he can only take on board 2 clients in one day.  On average I remotely heal between 2 and 8 people a day… anymore than 8 and I can’t function normally and so I work around the client or I have to say no for that day.  I have only ever done hands-on healing for just 1 person a day so far.

Last week I was called out to give “energy” to 3 women in a space of 2 hours. I had no idea who they were, they were complete strangers and so I had no idea what to focus on.  Should I cleanse their chakras and aura and just see what happens? There is no point giving healing to someone that doesn’t need it.   I was curious, usually people come to me with an existing problem – I wasn’t sure what to do!

Apart from feeling a little like a side show I went along anyway, just for the curiosity to see my own capabilities. The three women were all different and I knew absolutely nothing about them, not even their names.

The first lady was already very spiritual, although I am not sure she realised this herself. I picked up on a problem in her foot, her lower stomach and her throat. After cleansing her chakras I concentrated on these areas.  After the session (which only lasted about 20 mins) I enquired about what I had felt.  She had an operation on her ankle 2 years ago, which had suddenly started becoming painful that same week. She has also had many troubles with her lower regions but she was not sure about her throat.  I told her to have her thyroid checked out, so I am waiting to hear if what I felt was 100 percent correct.

The second lady; I felt a blockage or something coming from her right breast. I also felt she suffers from insomnia and headaches.  I concentrated on these areas and after the session I also enquired about what I picked up on.  She said that she does have trouble sleeping and also gets regular headaches but was not sure about any problem in her right breast.  I asked her to get it checked out anyway but as she “came to” and stood up she mentioned that her right arm is aching as though she has pulled all the muscles in it.  I suddenly realised that I must have released a blockage in her lymph glands under her arm pit, next to her breast, which is why I was picking up on the energy.  I told her to go home and rest and the pain in her arm should disappear within 24 hours.  I heard the next day that it had.

The last lady didn’t seem to be very spiritual or open at all and I couldn’t feel anything wrong with her apart from a major blockage in her throat chakra area.  This indicated that she is going through a stage in her life in which she is supressing her voice.  I concentrated in opening and cleansing this area to help her to voice whatever it is she needs to say.  I found out later that she has a problem with her husband but won’t say anything!

Afterwards, I was absolutely exhausted. I wasn’t grounded properly and I felt as though I could literally fall on the floor and sleep.  I managed to make my way home and sat down for 5 minutes.  5 minutes turned into an hour when my mobile rang and I thought it was my morning alarm clock telling me to wake up!

Never again will I give energy to so many people in so little time.  Although I believe I helped these wonderful  ladies, I am not sure I can do it again so intensely in 2 hours.