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Love Spells

This post is more of a message than an article.  On a daily basis I must receive anywhere between 5-10 requests from people asking about love spells.  Some I will take on board, but in all honesty, most I won’t.

I am choosy in what kind of “love spell” work I do for people because you must understand that when your life gets tough you can’t always crumble and think that someone else will come along, wave a magic wand and everything will be peachy.  We are ALL set challenges in this life, including myself, which are there to make us stronger.

I am more than happy to take on board work for couples who are still in a relationship or living under the same roof, this is different because the actual separation has not occurred yet and is more natural to connect the bond back you once had.  I am also more than happy to provide spells to make you appear more attractive and magnetic and entice a new lover or your old one back.  However, I will NEVER put a love spell on someone else.  The reason is because there is no guarantee that a love spell will last a lifetime.  Everyone is different and certain emotional triggers can break a love spell in seconds.

This is an example of why love should happen naturally and from your loved ones OWN intention and emotion:

1) A love spell is cast on someone you fancy. 20 years later you have a family, house, security. One day your spouse wakes up and thinks “what the hell am I doing here, I don’t love this person” and they suddenly up and leave to fulfil their original destiny and fate.   But what if YOU wake up and realise you want out? What happens to the person under the spell? They will probably never be able to love again and will most likely need therapy for the rest of their lives.  Is that really what you want to risk?

2 *my way*) A love spell is cast on YOU. Your aura becomes a magnet and you glow with this inner shine and attraction.  The person you fancy will more often than not feel this vibe coming from you and they will NATURALLY fall in love with you.  Once they are attracted to you, they can learn to get to know you and love you truly from their heart, not based on a spell.

Mostly it is women wanting back their straying boyfriend or husband but in all honesty it is against my morals and ethics to put a love spell on a guy who has clearly made up his mind to be with someone else.  I AM able to help you through the emotional pain with meditation exercises and Shamanic healing and also improve your aura to make it more attractive, however, you will be attractive to many, not just the person you want back.

Alternatively, depending on the email I receive, I might reply with a “kick up the bum” suggestion, which I feel you might benefit from in the form of a pep talk.  You probably won’t like what I say but if I feel a spell is not right for you at this time and I believe you have a chance to solve the issue yourself I will tell it to you straight.  If you are concerned by my reply then don’t contact me. I am honest, straight talking and won’t beat around the bush. If I think something should be said you can be sure I’ll say it.

Too many people tend to wallow in self pity and depression when relationships go wrong and sit at home waiting for the phone to ring and hope their loved ones suddenly appear back on their doorstep.  Unfortunately, too many women let themselves become dependant on their guys and they feel their world has crashed around them if their partners up and leave, especially when they are left with false hopes and empty promises.  I can fully understand and appreciate just how hard and upsetting this can be, however, instead of sitting there becoming inactive, you need to take control of the situation and become proactive.

If you want your man back, then don’t just sit there and put up with being a doormat, get out and do something!  Pull out all the stops to get your loved one back (and sometimes you have to do things that will seem mean and will be hard to do) and only as a last resort THEN seek spells or universal intervention.  However, what usually happens is during this time, the hurt and sadness turns to anger, the anger then turns into action (NOT REVENGE!) and then usually your loved one will come running back or you will naturally heal and you can move on with your life.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to take crap from anyone. If you are unhappy then change your life – I have done it myself on more than one occasion and maybe the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but how do you know if you don’t even give it a go?  You might not be able to jump back, but you can certainly keep moving forward 🙂

Life is for living. Look after yourself because we are all born an individual, don’t lose your identity and forget who you are. We are all beautiful people and life is to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Guilt Trips & Psychic Vampires

We all have them and I’m not talking about Guilt Trips. I’m talking about those friends who pull the “Guilt Trip Trick” to manipulate you into doing what they want.  You could even sling them in the same barrel as Psychic Vampires.  These people are lovely most of the time but for some reason they have underlying ulterior motives and seem to feed off your energy.  The truly sad part about it, is that many of these vampiric people have no idea what they are doing!

You end up telling them your deepest, darkest secrets but despite you giving them your all they suddenly turn on you.  Without a clue as to what is wrong, they make you feel so guilty and bad that you do your utmost to patch things up, even when they do things that hurt you, you ignore it .. but hey, woe betide if you EVER happen to do anything that might upset them!  The cycle continues and each time they hit you with that curve ball, not only does it take you by surprise it actually hurts you deep emotionally but you always end up forgiving them because they are a ” really nice” person and they “didn’t mean it”.

Why do we do it? Why do we stand for these kinds of friends?  I am going through a phase at the moment in which I have become psychically detached for a short while.  The presence of Retrograde Mercury has helped me tenfold in actually being able to listen to myself and my own life more – I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt so grounded and I hope you can also feel this energy!

I have heard so many stories over the years of people giving away things they treasure to friends but not knowing why, or deep secrets that were told in confidence that were later made so public the individual actually lost their job, or a friend who needed a place to stay but ended up taking over the whole home for months on end and even leaving all their dirty washing up … or the most common story as I am sure most of us have experienced – lending money and never getting it back!   We have to act upon this display of arrogance and lack of respect and cut our ties with these vampiric people. They are no good for our souls nor our well being.

As we go through life we meet up with people for various reasons, some friendships come and go in a flash but you probably needed each other at that time, other friendships last a lifetime… some you might think will last forever just either fizzle out or come to an end for whatever reason.

Don’t be dragged down by others feeding off your emotions. Don’t be manipulated into thinking you are the bad guy and don’t for one second believe the psycho-babble that a lot of these so-called friends do to keep you on their “good” side.  A perfect tell tale sign is after you have said your goodbyes, you will most likely get a ton of abuse or a long sob story (both manipulative).

Sometimes it’s simply a part of growth, you have to be able to recognise psychic vampires and learn to let them go, cut them out your life so they can no longer feed off you. It’s all too easy for us to keep things the way they are as it is “comfortable” and “less hassle” or perhaps you are manipulated into feeling sorry for them, or even bribed in some way?  Whatever the reason, eventually you must take action to free yourself from these people. If you take no action they will just continue to feed from you and not only can your energy deplete, your health could even suffer.

Taking action can seem hard and sometimes hurtful, however, remember the old saying you can’t make a cake without breaking eggs. Similar thing in clearing yourself of Psychic Vampires, it’s being pro active and doing something for your own highest good – you don’t need to sit there and take it, you don’t need to feel guilty either, these manipulative people are no better than you, so don’t give them any reason to believe they are.

Move onwards and upwards!

Darn Mercury ..

It is that time again that Mercury is in retrograde .. which is REALLY bad news for those who usually use their brains as a communication tool.  Spirit has been really quiet for me these last couple of weeks as well, and even my studies were appearing more challenging than they did a few weeks before. 

Thankfully Mercury’s Retrograde period will only last until 19th Feburary so at least I know it is only a short temporary energy glitch.  Any plans you have just double check them, don’t undertake any new challenges but rather go over old plans and finish any oustanding projects 🙂

Left Brain? Right Brain?

This has got to be one of the most weirdest optical illusions I have ever done :).  See if you can get the woman to spin either way – do you get the little buzz of joy when you do it too or is it just me reverting back to childhood? hehee. Enjoy!
Which way am I spinning? … are you SURE?

Credit goes to: Science-Community with thanks 🙂

Nan’s Noisy Visits …

Me and my Nan .. she knew far more than she let on!

A few people ask about my family history and I have realised the “witchy” trait really does come down through the female line. My mother, who is extremely psychic never ceases to amaze people with what she knows, especially when something is wrong.  My Nan, however, is another kettle of fish. Butter wouldn’t have melted in her mouth, but if you had ever crossed her you would know about it.  
Although our family was very small we were all pretty close. I used to spend hours with my Nan when I was small and she would teach me so much about herbs and talk endlessly about the afterlife.  I just took it all for granted though and never once thought she was different.
As I got older I realised she was indeed different.  She always got what she wanted no matter what. Strange things would happen to people she upset but she was always so gentle and kind to me. She used an Ouija Board until my Grandfather burnt it one day when my Nan received a message through about a plane crash full of school children on a trip.  Sadly, the message came true and my Grandfather no longer accepted her to contact spirit in his house again.
Years later, I had travelled the world and moved away. One of the most memorable times was on my wedding day. After my wedding I went to see her and gave her my flowers as she was too old and frail to come and my grandfather had already passed on years before.  She was so happy to see me she wouldn’t let me go.  She kept telling me that when she dies she promised me that she would let me know that life after death does exist.  Not trying to let it ruin my day I told her that I would be happy for her to come back and let me know she is there.
A few years later I was having dinner when my eldest son developed a sickening smell around his aura. I had absolutely no idea what it was. I bathed him, it was still there. I bathed him and scrubbed him again but it was STILL there.  It smelt like rotting flesh and was literally making me gag. However this smell wasn’t on his skin, it was around him and it remained for the night … the smell was actually coming from a few centimetres from his body.  I had no idea what it was and as I was the only one who could smell it I thought I was going nuts!  The next morning I received a call. I was told that my Nan had passed peacefully in her sleep over night.
I checked my son, the smell had gone but the smell could not have been my Nan because she was still alive at that time it first started.  It could have only been my Grandfather trying to let me know he has come back to collect her – but I just didn’t make that connection at all.
A few days later just past 2am, one of my son’s baby toys went off for no reason.  I got up to find it and it stopped.  The following night it went off again, same thing, as soon as I got out bed it stopped.  This continued on and on. I took the batteries out of that toy but the next night a different toy would go off.  It got to the stage where my husband had to get out of bed, find the toy and empty the batteries… until one night after about 2 weeks of this going on I leaped out of bed, stood in the middle of the room and cursed.  My Nan absolutely hated swearing but I had had enough, I had already realised early on it must have been her and although she did it also during the day, the 2am ritual of “boing boing boing” was just not acceptable.
From then on, after my anger, she never returned.
Weeks later I felt so lost and upset for swearing at her that I asked her to forgive me and to come back to let me know she is OK. Suddenly I felt tingly, and all around me were tiny sparkles, I knew she came back to say that everything is alright.  The sparkles lasted a good few minutes, it felt like small electric pin heads all over my skin, I was literally bathed in this energy and I was very emotional.  As I let her go and thanked her and told her how much I loved her, I wondered if she would ever come back again.
Sometimes she does but very rarely and yes it is always noisy when she makes an entrance … The most funniest thing is that she has NEVER come through on my Ouija Board to talk to me but my Grandfather has, on more than one occasion, despite him despising it during his life.