Darn Mercury ..

It is that time again that Mercury is in retrograde .. which is REALLY bad news for those who usually use their brains as a communication tool.  Spirit has been really quiet for me these last couple of weeks as well, and even my studies were appearing more challenging than they did a few weeks before. 

Thankfully Mercury’s Retrograde period will only last until 19th Feburary so at least I know it is only a short temporary energy glitch.  Any plans you have just double check them, don’t undertake any new challenges but rather go over old plans and finish any oustanding projects 🙂

2 thoughts on “Darn Mercury ..

  1. Jamie

    I admit to have been feeling something of this effect the last few weeks. I just put it down to a seasonal thing, which I perhaps it is as energy changes flow on a regular basis?

    Good to know it will change again soon.

  2. Sandy Post author

    Hey Jamie, thanks for coming by. I felt really disconnected but I also have realised that this is doing me the power of good. I feel so grounded at the moment, I cannot remember the last time I felt so focused and on top of everything. I am even raring to get back to my studies :).

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