My Wolf Pup is Home

For the last few weeks I have been travelling hundreds of miles in round trips to the dog breeders, bonding with my puppy.  I went to see the newly born litter when they were just 3 weeks old and one little guy stood out from the rest.  He was the biggest of the lot but more reserved than the rest of the litter (which I LOVE in a dog – nothing worse than a yappy, licky, nippy dog).  However, he came to know me and stuck by me the whole time I visited!

Weeks went by and the nearer it got to the 8th week the more excited I became.  On the 4th July, I made my last trip to the breeders and picked up my little lad “Nico”.

He has settled in fantastically and is learning new things so quickly, it is such a joy.  I can’t remember the last time I was this happy 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Wolf Pup is Home

  1. PRH

    Very cute pics and a very neat name you gave him too!!! ( you sound like a proud mamma and rightly so… ) 🙂

  2. Amber

    I can’t believe you have the dog breed I have always wanted…(strangely, I’ve ended up with three very different looking mutts!)

    Oohh how I have gone on and on about having a dog like this since I was 15 and watched a film about wolves and there was a white wolf in it! He is absolutely beautiful.. I love him! No wonder you’re so happy!

  3. Sandy Post author

    I have always wanted a wolf dog 🙂 and he is totally amazing…. however when you want such a dog without all the inbreeding crap that goes on these days then you do pay through the nose, but I have to admit he is so worth it.

  4. Fenrir

    He looks like Little Brother! Ha ha i have a two year old shep/husky/Malamute/wolf, named Luna, a month ago i went to the breeder and got her little brother, who has somehow ended up named Little Brother. The two are exact opposites physically, Luna’s black white tan and silver, more black though almost black shepherdish. LB is white with a sort of caramel topping along his spine and atop his ears. Their personalities are very similar though, both are laid back and easy going, (minus normal puppy stuff) But both are also fiercely protective, never biting but barking in a a way that scares people. (both are big wusses though) Good luck with the Little one, careful Luna and LB’s dad was 160 lbs!

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