Monthly Archives: August 2009

I have arrived!.

Yes I am finally here, back in the UK for good this time; and I have mobile broadband so I can get online practically anywhere, anytime now.

I am temporarily staying in an empty old mansion in Southampton, it’s full of huge black spiders and it is in the middle of nowhere – but it’s absolutely beautiful.  Sadly I can’t stay here for very long so I found a small house in Poole, which I have already paid a deposit to secure it.  I just have to wait until all the reference checks come back and if all goes to plan I should be moving in there in about a week.

I am now set up for healing and spell work, however, I cannot send out spell kits at the moment as many things are still packed and in storage for the next couple of weeks, my spell kit organza bags and envelopes are buried in a box somewhere, for example.

Despite only being back a week, I have had two job offers and have already done an interview for a well known magazine!  It’s all go and it’s all good.