Monthly Archives: April 2010

Sandy Cristel Market Stall

At last! Our new exciting business venture is now underway.  My beloved and I have been working really hard in finding quality exotic witchy items to sell on our Market Stall.  We think we have almost cracked it!  The launch was brilliant!

The big dream catcher (in the photo) was sold right after we had finished arranging the table – I have to admit I had my beady eye on that for myself!  So, time to order a few more of those!  I only ordered one to start with as I was unsure what people were interested in.   I also did a few Oracle readings, sold some of my own spell kits and mojo bags and continously fought off a frenzy of customers for my peacock feathers – and no, they are not unlucky at all – where do people get that notion from? Is it a Christian thing or something?  In India they are considered as wealth and prosperity – and as I have a houseful of the things, I have to say I haven’t felt the least bit unlucky at all! In fact, I am feeling truly blessed at this time in my life!

Our first market day was at the Sunday Wimborne Market, then Swanage and then Dorchester – the response has been really positive.  I have to say my fellow market traders are absolute darlings – it is so refreshing to work with people who work for themselves.  I also love the chatter, the banter and the interaction with the public, exhausting as it is, I go home smiling and happy.

Thank you to those of you who came by to say “Hi” – if you wish to catch us at the next market you can see the planned market dates on my “Sandys Store” page, however, please email me a day or so before if you are travelling a long way – things can unexpectedly change depending on weather and, of course, my children.

On an end note, I have adjusted my prices on my website for healing, readings and spell kits. They are now considerably lower than previously. Whilst I was living in Germany I was not totally aware of the dire financial crisis in the UK… until I moved back.  It is truly heartbreaking what has happened and is happening to this Country – however don’t get me started on Politics – it is just such a shock how much you notice after living abroad for over a decade. *shakes head in disbelief*.

On a happier note – the Summer is just around the corner! 😀  woop woop