Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sandy Cristel – The Wytch of Lytchett has arrived

Isn’t it funny just how life seems to unravel in front of you sometimes.   The market stall was becoming less and less productive and we seemed to working harder and harder and not getting anywhere – UNTIL …. the perfect thing happened.  An opportunity to run a shop!!

Welcome to “Sandy Cristel – The Wytch of Lytchett” where I will be able to provide healing, courses, workshops, readings and my beloved can run the shop half.  It is all so perfect and all so very exciting!!!  The shop is located at The Courtyard Craft Centre in Lytchett.  Entrance is free, the courtyard is open 7 days a week, however, most of the shops are closed on a Monday apart from the Pet Centre, The Cafe and the Pottery place.

We have been working our behinds off the last couple of weeks painting, glossing, laying the floor and now we are currently building up the units.

We are actually hoping to quietly open this weekend – if all goes to plan and we don’t burn out, that is … but the official opening will most likely be middle of July when things calm down a bit and we have everything set up exactly how we want it.

*edit:  Here are some photos of our almost finished shop on my Store page. Just a few tweaks here and there to go