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Friday 13th – PERFECT!

What a fantastic morning.  Awoken by the dulcit tones of my mobile pinging or rather “harmoniously harping” with text messages telling me that I must get to the shops to buy the Daily Echo and what a great article!!!  Enjoy!
Click the link above to read the article on the Daily Echo Newspaper online.

Sandy Cristel with her Lenormand Oracle cards and other healing and cleansing tools. Picture: Sally Adams

Article by Jim Durkin

VISITORS could find themselves truly spellbound by the latest offering in Lytchett Minster.

This is because witch Sandy Cristel officially opens her new shop and healing centre at the village’s Courtyard Centre tomorrow.

Sandy, who describes herself as a traditional witch, will be on hand to offer a range of alternative services, including tailor-made spells, alternative healing and readings.

“Being a traditional witch, I embrace and utilise the natural forces of the universe, ensuring a balance and equilibrium in my work,” explained Sandy.

She is confident her therapies can complement mainstream treatments for a range of ailments and problems Sandy, who uses traditional methods of healing passed down through her family, has also studied Shamanic Ama Deus and Kundelini Reiki healing.

And her shop boasts a range of witchy curios and unique gifts for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

Sandy said: “I have been a witch all my life and it is about time that we came out of the shadows and shared some of our knowledge.

“The difference between my path and a wiccan ‘white’ witch is that I do not believe that energy or life can be sustained on only positive energy.

“Nature and the universe itself does not and cannot even exist this way,” she added.

“Negative energy is not always bad nor harmful, it is simply necessary – there has to be balance.”

Sandy says she never casts the same spell twice – instead tailoring everything to the specific individual.

She insisted: “You should not feel guilty for asking the universe for help.

“The energy is all around us and is there for us to tap into it to enrich our lives and help to mold our future on the path we desire.”