Monthly Archives: November 2010

Our Shop “Sandy Cristel”

So here are a few long awaited photos of our wonderful shop (more photos of the inside of the shop HERE) .  It is going from strength to strength and we are so proud of what we have achieved …. a far cry from a market stall table!!!!   We went to Wimborne market this morning and said “Hi” to some of our old fellow traders – they are still wonderfully lovely – pure salt of the earth people; genuine and loyal.  I do miss them!

However, our decision to open a proper shop was something neither myself nor my beloved had ever done before and it has to be said, it’s bloody ace!  I have met so many interesting people and I am sure I have many more to meet.  The other unit holders at the Courtyard Craft Centre are all totally adorable – they have really looked after me, despite my strange and quirky sense of humour – I really feel part of the gang and, for someone “witchy” like me, that can be a rarity.

Halloween went well but maybe next year we should plan something bigger … maybe an all night vigil in the medieval hall or a dumb supper to honour our family whom have crossed over.  Arr well we have almost a whole year to plan it!  Next on the agenda is Yule/Chrimbo – we don’t have anything planned for that but we DO have LOTS of witchy and pagan gifts for sale – perfectly in time for the Winter Solstice….. cauldrons, smudge sticks, incense, goblets, crystals, CDs and lots, lots more!

Come down to the  Courtyard Craft Centre and grab yourself something unusual…. there are many wonderful little craft shops here (amost 20 I believe) that sell items that you will NOT find anywhere else!!

See you soon!!! 🙂