Monthly Archives: April 2011

Gentle Reminder…

Ok, this may sound like a rant but it isn’t really, honest.  I just feel it has got to the point where I have to spell it out nicely…I am actually really surprised that I feel I have to blog about this to be honest.

Please have a little thought when phoning or texting me for an appointment or chat about your reading.  I do leave my work phone on outside normal working hours for emergencies only.  I have a few terminally ill clients whom I need to be available for,  if an emergency arose.

Please note that I do not really appreciate calls or texts late at night or early morning. I do have a family and when I go home after a long day, I would like to relax and clear my mind from the chatter in my head I have had at work and spend time with my family.  My early mornings are filled with getting my family ready for school etc…. I honestly do not have time to chat or make appointments before 9am.  Not only that but as I work every weekend, I miss out on so much and don’t get to spend as much time with my sons and beloved as I would like – so every bit of time I have I like to make the most of it, and not spend it on the phone.

My working hours at the shop are 10am-4pm and 11am-4pm at weekends.  I do not mind anyone calling or texting me between 9am and 5pm – normal working British hours, but outside these working times, I do actually like to switch off from work and focus on my family, which I am sure you feel is more than understandable.  It is a bit like your boss or colleague calling you up at 7.30am or 11pm to talk about something work related that could have easily waited.

If you phone or text me during the day and I do not answer, it is more than likely that I am in a therapy session or I am doing a reading. I will ALWAYS either call you or text you back.

As I said, this isn’t a rant, just a little nudge to say “oi” – I may be a witch but I am also human.

Thank you 🙂