Cleansing Crystals – Sun or Moon

The old crystal cleansing debate has begun …. Sun? Moon? Earth? Water? or Smudging????

… Too much sun on a crystal will render it useless. Period.
Look at the difference in these two Amethysts. The one that originated from darkness and has been kept out of the sun is still vibrant with a beautiful deep purple hue and gives off the most amazing energy.

The smaller peice of Amethyst was kept in the sunlight (inside or outside)- see how empty, light and colourless it is… I almost feel sorry for it!

I cannot believe my eyes nor my ears when I read or hear that to charge crystals you should do so in the sun.  The sun’s energy is WAY too intense for most crystals, and what you will end up with is a bleached out, sorry looking lifeless piece of stone, which is usually beyond repair, good for nothing and quite frankly, dead.

If you truly believe the sun should cleanse your crystals then do so for only 5 minutes.  By leaving them out, scorching, and slowly dieing in the sunshine only ruins them and renders them useless.

There are MANY other way to cleanse your crystals.  Crystals that cannot get wet (as they dissolve), such as Selenite, should be put out in the full moon – just for about an hour. Alternatively, you can smudge them using a white sage smudge stick.

For crystals that are happy to be in water – then rinsing them in the sea, a river, or anywhere that has running water will do it – heck, if you are that stuck then use your cold water tap at home and run cold water over your crystals for a few minutes.

Some people even bury their crystals in the earth to charge them – this is still better than laying them out in the sun.

I have so many people coming in to see me bringing their sun drained crystals in to be recharged because they feel the energy has gone and their crystal no longer works.  More often than not, the crystal needs to be replaced as it is too far gone.  Unfortunately, they were only following instructions from the person they bought their original crystal from.

I honestly cannot stress this enough – please rethink about using the sun to recharge your crystals unless it is only for a couple of minutes.  Crystals don’t like sunlight or UV rays – it will literally suck the life and energy right out of it.

If anyone would like me to cleanse their crystals or wish to have more advice, just pop into “Sandy Cristel” at the Craft Courtyard Centre in Lytchett Minster and I will be more than happy to help.

4 thoughts on “Cleansing Crystals – Sun or Moon

  1. Stan

    Hi, your advice sounds great. However ive heard that crystals that had their colour faded with the sun still can be used. A clear quartz doesn’t have any colour yet is powerful regardless?
    Im confused!

  2. Sandy Post author

    HI Stan. The answer is simple. Do what you feel. If you personally feel that your crystals still work when put in the sun then who am I to tell you otherwise. I can only provide information that has worked for me and many other peoples experiences with working with them. In my opinion, if you have, for example, a citrine, amethyst, rose quartz etc – these are more powerful in the dark when not subjected to too much UVA … the darker and more intense colour of the crystal the more power it tends to be able to generate. With a clear quartz, obviously has no colour and is the ONLY crystal that you are able to programme to do what you want it to do – so being a universal stone I guess if you prefer to put your clear quartz in the sun then that is your choice and will probably be fine. xxx

  3. Sandy Post author

    Hi, no some crystals such as Amethyst etc are actually cultivated in the dark inside Volcanic rocks inside a Geode. When they are exposed to sunlight it can bleach out their colour and power.

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