Hi Folks.  Now I am going it alone I have no-one to keep an eye on my boys whilst I am working at weekends.  As I am not prepared to expect my children to give up their weekends being bored and restless at the shop, I am dedicating all the time I can to be there for them.  They need me more than anything at the moment, hence I have changed my working hours to be more family friendly.

My new shop opening times are below:

If you are making a special trip to see me, please phone or text me first as I may have a house blessing or a healing appointment and I would not like you to make a wasted journey.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “NEW OPENING TIMES

  1. PRH

    Yes,look after the boys! ( I can’t believe how they have grown by some of the pics you shared with everyone around this global internet thing– you have done something right Sandy and very nice,you haven’t changed a bit – just as beautiful as ever… ) !!!
    Take good care and continued luck headed your way,always….!!

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