Facebook updates for Sandy Cristel

Hi, my little personal blog was originally intended to stay as a personal blog well before I started up my business in 2010.

After realising that this little blog was being severely neglected (last updated in 2013), I would like to ask those few that follow me to now follow me on FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/Sandy.Cristel.Wytch.of.Lytchett


















One thought on “Facebook updates for Sandy Cristel

  1. Mary

    A rare honest psychic. Who works with a genuine desire to help.

    Readings cost super reasonable. I had the Oracle card reading.
    She gave me a reading regarding a particular guide. Since then I met a new friend in my dream as predicted by Sandy.
    Job info exactly as she said.
    She bore witness via the reading to many thoughts and premonition I personally had.

    I only wish she would do phone readings out of area?

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