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Hi guys, as I am getting very busy with my insightful Lenormand Oracle and Spiritual Life Guidance Readings at the moment I have to kindly ask that you must book to see me for a reading.

Due to the demand it is rare that you can pop in for a reading on the off chance nowadays.  With booking a proper time and date with me gives you a definite appointment and also allows you to think of questions that you would like to ask (hence this is an Oracle, not Tarot).

I also accept all credit and debit cards now too 🙂


Basic Information for Parents of Indigo and Crystal Children

When interacting with and caring for your Indigo/Crystal child you need to remember that your child is very different to you. What worked for you as a child will not work for them.

The main areas where you will need to adjust are the following:

1. The Indigo/Crystal child is a Right Brain oriented being.
2. The Indigo/Crystal is Super Sensitive to environmental stress.
3. The Indigo/Crystal child is sensitive to food and will often develop Food Allergies.

What does this mean for you?

Indigo and Crystal children operate primarily from the Right brain. This means they are creative, intuitive, imaginative and emotionally intelligent. However, our culture is primarily left brain oriented, which means it is linear, rational and logical.

Difficulties arise when the child enters the school system and needs to adapt its way of functioning. A right-brainer learns very quickly and often makes intuitive leaps that demonstrate astonishing intelligence. But the school system is geared for left-brain functioning which is repetitive, routine, organized and linear/cumulative. This “slower” approach means that the child becomes bored very quickly- and loses interest. It generally then seeks other ways to stimulate its interest. This leads to many Indigo Children being labelled as ADD and ADHD, and often given Ritalin, when in fact there is nothing wrong with them other than boredom.

Also, because of their intuitive intelligence, they can often “busk” their way through several years of the school system before it is ascertained that they cannot read or write “correctly”. This leads to the child being labelled “dyslexic”, another stigma.

This is damaging because your Indigo Child has a strong sense of being “perfect”, and is here on a “mission”. If it is told that is is dysfunctional or that “there is something wrong with me”, it will become traumatised and seek to either heal or disguise this wound. This can lead, in the adolescent years, to drug abuse and eating disorders as ways of healing or hiding the trauma.

It is vitally important that the Indigo or Crystal Child be recognised as different but not dysfunctional. If the difference is honored and managed, the child will grow up in a balanced way, but if not, it will lead to dysfunction and problems.

Your child is also far more sentitive than you were or are. Its hearing, vision, and senses are far more acute than yours. This is part of the evolutionary shift, as humans become more open and sensitive.

What this means is that your child will be stressed and distressed by loud noises, crowds of people, blaring music and television sets. Its response will either be to become withdrawn and depressed, or to allow the stimulus and become hyperactive and destructive.

The Indigo/Crystal child therefore needs a quiet and tranquil home environment with a minumum of electronic toys and gadgets, and certainly not television sets as the babysitter. There is an almost direct correlation between the amount and type of TV that is absorbed and the behaviour of the child.

Environmental stress also includes the relationship of the parents. If there is either overt or unstated aggression in the home the child will pick it up and will develop either dysfunction or defense mechanisms. You can hide nothing from the Indigo/Crystal child, it “reads” your field of energy and understands exactly what you think and feel even if it remains unstated.

The Physical body of the Indigo/Crystal child is also very sensitive. They often cannot tolerate processed food and food additives. They also respond badly to sugar and caffeine.

This means that sweets, artificially coloured drinks, biscuits, pies, hamburgers and choclates will create dysfunctional and hyperactive behaviour in the child. Feeding an Indigo or Crystal Child a chocolate and a coca-cola is literally the equivalent of giving the child a drug. Its system will respond by becoming overactive – producing hyperactive behaviour followed by a “crash” or tantrum when the effecst wear off and the child comes “down” and suffers sugar and caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

This can also mean that a “normal” diet will not be tolerated by many Indigos. Chicken and meat are filled with hormones, anti-biotics and chemicals, and most tinned or processed foods that are bought in supermarkets also contain chemicals that may not be tolerated. In addition, the child may be wheat and diary intolerant, producing symptoms such as eczema, digestive problems and sinus and ear/nose and throat disorders.

Guidelines for Dealing with these Problems

Your Indigo/crystal child will respond well to an education system that balances right and left brain and that includes creativity in the form of music, art, dance and drama.

The best system for an Indigo/Crystal child is probably the Waldorf system which initially maximizes the right brain element while developing the left as a support. It also focusses on “grounding” the child into the body, since many Indigo children deal with their trauma by becoming “spaced out” or escaping from their bodies.

If you have your child tested for ADD or ADHD, be wary of putting the child on Ritalin, which is a drug (with side effects and withdrawal symptoms), which is designed to help parents and teachers to cope rather than assist the child. There are homeopathic and dietary alternatives that are less harmful and more effective.

In the early years, minimize noise and stress. This means minimize television, electronic games and “violent” activities.
Encourage play, imagination, reading and books, colouring in, and stories.
Create a calm and tranquil environment, as far as is possible.

This is the most difficult to monitor, as convenience shopping and peer pressure means that the child will be exposed to the “glamour” of junk food.
Try to focus on natural, organic and healthy alternatives.
If the child suffers from mood swings or allergies you may need to identify the food problem and create a more balanced nutritional plan.


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Soul Ascension

This article is amazing. I have recently undergone a major spiritual transformation in which I literally felt I was being reborn, I will blog about my experience when I feel it is the right time – at the moment I am still revelling in the experience itself!  I felt “something” coming a couple of days before and I allowed it to take me where I should be going when I was ready (it is not something you get from just wanting it – it is a gift from the divine after successfully going through the biggest test in your life and venturing into deep and dark places in your own psyche that most people avoid).

The whole ascension period (which lasted 3 days for me from start to finish) is the most breath taking, beautiful experience I have ever had in my life, and for the first time in my life, I feel I am right where I should be and doing exactly what I should be doing with renewed energy, strength and a completely different  mind state.  My soul is at peace, not only with myself but also with others and the rewards are so great I cannot even begin to put into words.

Ascension shock and the deep healing of the human heart
Celia Fenn

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn

This article or channel was originally given as an individual channel for a client. Archangel Michael asked me to publish it as an article, with the client’s permission. He felt that the information given here is important for all humans who are going through the “completion” phase of the Ascension process right now.

The client originally asked two questions that were interrelated for her. The first was about the deep depression she was feeling, and about why she felt that she did not want to be here on the planet any more. I have been receiving an increased amount of mails from people saying much the same thing. Where, they ask, is the Joy and the Fun?

Then she asked about a soulmate relationship that had seemingly been brought to her almost as an answer to her prayers, but that had caused the collapse of her present partnership and had not brought anything else in the way of joy and love at this time. She felt confused and a little cynical and disillusioned about this as well.

This was the answer from Archangel Michael:

Dearest One, after the 11:11 stargate in November of 2005, the energy on the planet began to increase in Radiance and Intensity, allowing the first wave of Ascension candidates to break through to the Ninth Dimension of Consciousness. At this level, you take on “Global Stewardship and Mastery”. You are really in the graduating class of the Ascension process!

But, the irony with this phase of the Ascension process, is that you are required to be absolutely GROUNDED and connected to the Earth, otherwise you will spin off into illusions and delusions. So the “Ascension” becomes a “Descension” into your body. And this is a full “descension”, you have to incarnate fully and completly in order to carry the high vibrational energy of expanded consciousness.

Now, as you fully incarnate, maybe for the first time in your life, you may experience two important reactions. Firstly, your body comes under a great deal of physical stress, including depression, and secondly, you begin to see that much of what you have believed and accepted has been illusion. But these steps are a necessary part of the process.

Firstly, the Depression that you feel. Depression is a Base Chakra issue. It is caused by blockages in the base chakra that do not allow enough of the vital life force to reach the physical vehicle. So the person becomes tired and disillusioned and cannot see a way forward. The base chakra also carries the memories and impressions of your childhood years.

Initially, as you incarnate fully, the base chakra begins to clear, and you feel very tired and irritable, since the energy levels in the base chakra are being gradually raised and increased in the grounding process. There may also be anxiety episodes and insomnia, as the increased energy stresses the body. But know that the body will find its balance, the body is designed to stay in balance.

Now, know that there have been repressions and blocks that have been in place for many many years, that involve deep feelings and childhood memories, but the body will heal and find the balance once it is allowed to release these FEELINGS and replace them with new feelings. For the key here is FEELINGS.

As the base chakra clears, you are put in touch with all the feelings and reasons that initially made you close off and create blocks and repressions that you may have successfully carried all your life. But, now you connect with your Inner Child on a very deep level. You start to feel isolated, vulnerable and frightened. You become very aware of pain and suffering, and you don’t understand why you chose to come here.

In short, you are connecting with the deep hidden FEELINGS of your Inner Child. As the Heart opens in the process of Ascension, you begin to connect with the deep memories of the Heart that lie beneath the rational mind and that often motivate much of your subconscious behavior.

The heart is wounded by the experiences of childhood. You were unable to express your love, you felt isolated and cut off from Spirit, and you did not want to be here. These are the deep memories of the Heart. These are the deep memories that you are clearing away and healing. You are healing the deep wounds of your childhood heart.

And so, you are being given this time to really connect deeply with your heart and to FEEL what needs to be felt, in order to heal and release.

The healing will not come from telling yourself that everything is fine. People told that to you all your life. You need to FEEL that on a very deep level. To feel within your Heart and Soul that all is indeed well, that being on the planet was a good choice, and that you are here for a reason. And above all…that you are SAFE.

Now, it may seem very different to you, for when you look around you see war and suffering and pain. But know, that these are choices that are being made, and you do not have to be part of these choices, you can make another choice. And know too, that if those who chose violence understood that their choices come from a deep fear lodged in their heart’s in their early years, they might choose differently as well. In fact, they may well do so, as now is the time of the deep healing of the Human Heart.

So, understand, dearest souls, that you are now truly feeling, rather than thinking. And you are learning to listen to what your body feels, and to learn to align those feelings with the impulses from your Higher Self and Soul.

Know that the loneliness and the isolation are illusions from childhood, as your soul leaves the radiance of the soul family and takes on material form. Matter feels dense and dark, and the soul feels panic and loneliness and abandonment as it struggles in this new place. And so all the “mythologies” of “dark” and “light” and struggle are born. It is time to release them and understand that they are no more than childhood stories that you made up to explain why you felt so lonely and alienated and lost. You are no longer children. You are empowered beings of light and you live in the Radiance of Divine Love.

It is time to begin to see and perceive and feel the “Oneness” and the Unity and the Love between the souls who are the Human Family.

So, dearest soul, as you deal with these deep feelings of depression and shock, know they are illusions. You are always loved and you are always connected to the Source and to the Light and Love. You can never be alone because you are part of the Great Heart of the One!

And so it is, that this feeling of being alone and lost is a FEELING. It is a genuine soul feeling from your past, and many past lives, that needs to be addressed and dealt with. And you can do this by gently telling that Inner Child that it can release those feelings and see them as illusions. Allow yourself to see and FEEL the light that warms you and holds you and know that it is indeed safe to be here.

And that you chose to be here for a reason, and that as you grow and heal in your heart, that reason will become ever clearer to you.

And that reason will be Joy and Love and Growth! You will see the adventure of life as it is meant to be!

As for the Soulmate issue, well we can tell you that as your soul clears away old issues and your heart becomes “clearer”, you begin to connect with people on the Heart level and the soul level. That is because you can now “see” with your heart or with your feelings. But, often this gift is in advance of the deep healing that needs to occur in other aspects of your being.

And so it is that you may attract a soulmate before you are fully ready to manifest the relationship. You see the soul is ready, but the physical reality is not yet. Spirit is always ahead of physical reality. This is part of the necessary alignment between soul and body that constitutes “grounding”. The soul must wait and work with the body.

So, you may be like a little child, wanting to grab the candies before they disappear. In effect the soul is learning to work with the heart and the feelings and the body, and to let you know that you must wait until all is in place before manifestation can take place.

This is the law of “Divine Timing”. The soul may show you a perfect soulmate because you are now sensitive enough to perceive the voice of your soul right now, but you still need to wait until material conditions allow the manifestation of that relationship ,which exists in the spiritual, to be grounded into the physical. This happens in Divine Timing and not in your timing.

And so it is, that you are right that you need to wait. Be accepting, but wait and get on with your life. Your Higher Self and Soul will guide you to the manifestation of that relationship when the time is right.

In the meantime, accept that you are in transition, and that things are changing rapidly in your life. Maybe these changes are too rapid, and you are feeling a little shock. At times like these, you need to really call on Spirit for help and guidance and support. It will be given. For what is happening here is merely an alignment between soul and body. If the soul is more powerful than the body, then there will be a period of adjustment as they calibrate to the speed of the other.

And feelings of shock, anxiety and not wanting to be here are part of the deep stress of this new alignment between Higher and Lower.

But, at the end of this process, you will have a fully healed and opened heart, and your Higher and Lower aspects will be fully aligned.

And then you will be ready to manifest and create and experience the deep joy of the physical plane on the New Earth.

As for your spiritual work, know that the most important work you can do now is connect with your inner turmoil and find peace. This will complete your Ascension, for you are in the final phases, the grounding phases of the work. For the goal of Ascension is to bring heaven to earth, and not for you to leave the earth.

So, as you align with Spirit you will find peace and joy. You will release the depression and you will become a fully integrated human angel.

It is indeed a great privilege and an honor to be among the first wave to experience the completion of the Ascension process, as you finally heal your Heart and come into complete physical balance.

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, spend time in peacefulness and tranquility. But above all, know that you are deeply loved and supported as you do this important transitional work.

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Hi Folks.  Now I am going it alone I have no-one to keep an eye on my boys whilst I am working at weekends.  As I am not prepared to expect my children to give up their weekends being bored and restless at the shop, I am dedicating all the time I can to be there for them.  They need me more than anything at the moment, hence I have changed my working hours to be more family friendly.

My new shop opening times are below:

If you are making a special trip to see me, please phone or text me first as I may have a house blessing or a healing appointment and I would not like you to make a wasted journey.  Thank you.

Updates :) … at last!

Sorry Sorry Sorry!   My life has been absolutely manic and every bit of spare time and days off I had was dedicated to helping my other half out on his job (apart from my hospital stint), whilst my children were away with their Nana.  I will have more time now – I am sincerely sorry for neglecting my loyal followers (esp. David and his beloved) … lovely to see you both in my shop this morning by the way – and I’m really looking forward to sharing your big day soon.

I also had to have major surgery on my foot recently that left me with 20 stitches and a horrible cast on for almost 2 weeks (actually it looked more like a wasps nest stuck to the end of my leg but it felt more like a bowling ball haha).  I am back at work now and things are slowly returning to normal – the fact I have been given the all clear to drive again was the best news I have had in a very long time as the hospital thought I would be out of action for weeks (just as well I am a healer eh?) … I will also have much, much more time to dedicate myself and loyalty to my deserving friends and clients.

Things in the pipeline are becoming exciting.  My Lenormand ebook is doing really well and I am in the process of working on a Tarot teaching program with my elite publisher Anton Dublais.   I really can’t wait to get started as this one is going to be a biggie…. watch this space!

My shop will be also going through a major revamp in the next few weeks and I can finally get it looking exactly how I want it and how I need it to be able to work properly and efficiently.  I am itching for that to get started but most likely that will begin when the kids are back at school.

I have also had my 40th Birthday this week (yes, 40, scary isn’t it!) but life begins at 40 evidently, so bring it on.  And what do you know, I’ve just been invited out with friends tonight – celebrations all round (how long can you milk a birthday for? *smile*).