Hello and thank you for thinking about sending me a gift.  For those who like to show their appreciation I have designed this page that allows you to choose a personal way to send me a little something to say “thank you”.  I help many people around the world and my advice is always unconditionally free, however, a few individuals often wish to buy me something or donate to my site running costs.

Paypal Donation:
My advice is always free, however, If I have helped you in some way, and you would like to express a little thank you, you may make a donation below via PayPal.


Amazon.co.uk Wish List and Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificates:
If you would prefer to buy me a gift from my wish list or an Amazon Gift Certificate, you may click one of the links below.  If buying a gift certificate, please only purchase from www.amazon.co.uk (not .com).  Thank you.

My Wishlist                        Gift Certificates
(please email gift certificates to sandy@sandycristel.com)

Below is a direct link to the things I would like one day :).


Please remember to always tell me who you are, so I can personally thank you for your kindness.

Thank you so very, very much.  Love and Light,

Sandy Cristel xxxx

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