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Updated Spiritual Area

I finally get my area how I want it.

I have had my meditation area set up for about 2 years now and I work in it for many hours a day, I do everything here – work with my Ouija in this area, read my Tarot, cast my spells, work with energies, meditate and perform my remote healing.

Moving into a new house with virtually no furniture is always financially tight so I had to use what was available to me.  Although the energy was always very strong the flow of “chi” was never easy.

When my mother came to visit me for Yule and New Year we ended up in a home depot place and found some fabulous low tables on wheels.  I bought 2 of them and we spent the afternoon building them up.  The most challenging part was clearing everything out my area and putting it all back .. but WOW what an immediate positive change!

I found my sons’ original cot mattresses, put them together and covered them to make the floor area more comfortable to relax in.  My area is even more energised now and my work can flow freely and easily without being obstructed by bulky furniture :).