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Newspaper Article

Evidently I was featured in a newspaper article recently, which I believe is about my e-book “Sandy Cristel’s Interactive Lenormand Program”.  However I have only heard this by word of mouth and nobody seems to be able to obtain a copy.

If there is anyone out there who has this clipping, please could you scan it in and email it to me at sandy@sandycristel.com.

I will offer a FREE personal Lenormand reading for anyone who manages to find it and send it to me.  🙂

Thank you!

Update of Sandy Cristels Interactive Lenormand Oracle

YES!  It is TRUE!! … we have listened to your feedback and have taken it so seriously that we decided to revamp Sandy Cristel’s Interactive Lenormand Oracle with some friendly tweaks and loads of freebies … PLUS we have reduced the price to just £24.97.

Our product is Vista friendly and we have been given 5 Star Awards and Best Shareware Awards on various sites such as:

Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle Five Star Award From FileGuru Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle Five Star Award From FindMysoft.com Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle Five Star Best Pick Award From Softpicks.net

To upgrade your current copy of the book, click the “check for updates” when it first opens, download it and then run it :).  Remember to delete your old version afterwards.

The new version is 1.02.
You can download the new 1.02 version of the Interactive Lenormand Oracle from http://www.lenormand-oracle.com/download.php
Existing customers do not need to need to re-enter their Registration Key in the new version.

So, what’s new?

Well, the licencing has changed to make it easy for you to transfer the ebook to a new or different computer.
Also, we are giving away for FREE some fantastic downloads that have been beautified and redesigned:

3 FREE Classic Cartomancy eBooks

* The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite
* Fortune Telling by Cards by Professor P.R.S. Foli
* How to Tell Fortunes by Cards by Mme Zancig

2 FREE Clairvoyance ebooks

* Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi
* Develop Your Psychic Ability – a subliminal audio mp3

You can download these ebooks and the mp3 TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE from the Bonus Downloads page in the Information & resources section of the Interactive Lenormand Oracle ebook.

Also, we have opened the book completely up for review, no more hidden areas, so you can download it FREE and try the full working version for 5 days.  After then you must decide if you wish to continue using it.

Download Sandy Cristel’s Interactive Lenormand

Upgrade Sandy Cristel’s Interactive Lenormand

My Interactive Lenormand Oracle – TRY IT FREE!


TODAY is a landmark in the life of Sandy Cristel.

TODAY is the official launch of my ebook to the public, Sandy Cristel’s Interactive Lenormand Oracle programme“.

TODAY is the start of an exciting and long adventure for me and I am already loving every minute of it.

Below is a screen shot of the page where you can download my Interactive Lenormand Oracle programme for FREE. Yes, you get 7 whole days to try it, completely free of charge, no tricks, no spyware, nothing – just the file. You don’t even install it as it runs as an .exe file e-book!

If you decide you don’t like it, just delete it! You don’t even have to uninstall it!

However I am more than sure you will absolutely LOVE IT, and I can pretty much guarantee that instead of deleting it you will want more, yes more! .. MORE? I hear you cry… absolutely!  The real best bit is the User Interactive part that is saved especially for the Full Version. And at a price that is lower than most books out there and even lower than some of the lenormand cards themselves, I think you will have to agree that it is money well spent.

Please go and download my e-book and have a look. You are under no obligation to buy it at all – it is all yours for a whole week until you decide to hang on to it or not.


Just remember to come back and let me know what you think of it!