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Lorelei & Luke

This weekend was a different one for me. I came to get to know Lorelei and Luke on a personal level this year and I finally got around to meeting up with them on Saturday!

Lorelei & Luke are Germany’s best loved psychics. Luke is in comparison to our Gordon Smith, and Lorelei likened more to UK’s Psychic Sally Morgan (although Lorelei is more sincere and reads Oracle too). Both a warm and compassionate couple, I was intrigued to hear what they had to say about me…

Firstly Lorelei kindly helped my youngest son who is experiencing some difficulties in processing what he sees psychically. My youngest is only 7 years old but has been experiencing psychic activity since a toddler. This in turn makes him aggressive and his mood swings are extreme. I have to admit I have already noticed a positive difference in him!

Afterwards, I went and sat quietly in the room next door and Luke joined me first. He was able to see my Nan, which I was happy to know because I was under the impression my Nan was not around me anymore. The main reason I believed this is because I cannot hear or see her like I do with other spirits and mainly because she NEVER comes through on my Ouija board to speak to me, despite being invited.

Evidently my Nan does not come through the board because she is with me all the time, guiding me and continuously feeding me psychic information. She is also responsible for giving me information when I experience premonitions. As I can “hear” her this way and act accordingly there is no need for her to waste precious energy talking through the board. Makes sense doesn’t it!

Now this is where it gets confusing. I know for a fact I have two spirit guides around me. Usually spirit guides come into your life when you face a particular challenge and it isn’t always the same guide that remains with you, also it isn’t usually someone related to you either. I have had the same male guide since I was very young and over the last few years noticed a female guide as well …. which, I just found out, is most likely my Nan. Another psychic told me I have a female “dark” witch with me, and it just didn’t click back then that it was my Nan at all but now I know it’s so obvious!

Luke opened my eyes even further and took me another step closer to where I want to be and what I want to become. Lorelei joined me shortly afterwards and we had a chat about psychic phenomena. She is such a warm and caring person, it was like I had known her all my life.

I cannot thank this wonderful, enlightened couple enough! As all mediums and psychics know, we can help and guide other people but cannot see our own way so easily. According to Luke I am very far on my spiritual journey and I feel I am even further after this weekend!