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Scary things, witches ….

mojo bag .. but what IS in it???

A new client came to me recently who had paid around £200.00 for a basic love spell, by some Wiccan on the web claiming to be a witch last Spring. Yes, just a regular, typical love spell, which incidently didn’t even work.  When the client complained to the “so called” witch she finally offered to do another spell but a different one – guess what, that didn’t work either.  Since then this “witch” made every excuse under the sun, was completely evasive, and is now ignoring all and any emails from her (now my) client.

What kind of message are these rip offs sending out to people about the REAL witches out there?  What REALLY worried me was that this “witch” eventually got around to sending the client some sort of mojo-bag in December 2007 (over 6 months later may I add) but again it didn’t do anything!

I told my new client to destroy the bag and in it contained a rose crystal, some herbs, a handwritten alphabet of sorts, bit of root, leaves and some HAIR!! However this human hair was NOT from the client nor the man connected in the spell!!! 

What a crock of poop – for starters if you are going to make a mojo bag for love, the main ingredients are a matching pair of lodestones along with magnetic sand to feed them (keep them energised).  Obviously this witch had no idea what she was doing … or did she …

Now I use all sorts of things in my work but I will NEVER EVER use my own hair nor a stranger’s hair in a spell for someone else as this will form an intense connection to it.  The only thing I can imagine is that this “witch” had absolutely NO INTENTION of carrying out any other spell for her client apart from making the client dependent on her and of course pay more money.

Rip offs who CLAIM to be witches should be burnt at the stake and I for one would have a spare match.  If anyone else gets ripped off, please let me know. I am currently concluding a personal black list of sites in which people have had bad experiences with so I know NEVER to recommend them to anyone.