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Magickal Weeds

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When I first came to Germany I realised that most people here did not have a clue about old herbal remedies.  I remember years ago being with a crowd of other children and mothers when a small girl fell into nettles and was covered in stings, obviously screaming and not one mother knew what to do.  I [...]

A few more treasures …

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Once I start I can’t stop! :). Below are a few more piccies of the sunsets and sunrises where I live.  I hope you can also feel the sense of well being that these photos give out.  I take all my own pics with an old Nikon Coolpix 995.     

The Breathtaking Nature

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Sunrise (no this photo has NOT been edited!) Sunset (although the photo looks calmer, the sky was a rich orange) Night time – til this day I still cannot work out that glow that remains all night long! Most of my life I always seemed to end up living in a noisy city.  As I [...]