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Magickal Weeds

When I first came to Germany I realised that most people here did not have a clue about old herbal remedies.  I remember years ago being with a crowd of other children and mothers when a small girl fell into nettles and was covered in stings, obviously screaming and not one mother knew what to do. 

I scooped up a handful of dock leaves, scrunched them up and started gently rubbing the leaves on the girl’s skin over the rashes.  Within a few minutes the little girl stopped crying and went merrily on her way to continue playing. 

Unfortunately, instead of being thanked for helping, I was shunned and all the mothers looked at me as though I just escaped from the local loony bin, they walked gingerly away and left me standing there, alone, with my two sons.

Since then I have managed to explain to the locals that nature provides many instant remedies for burns and stings.  People are more accepting of my witchy herblore ways now as I have helped many, many people since then and have now built up trust throughout the community.

However, for those who still don’t know what I am talking about. I decided to take these photos this morning and share the knowledge of natural healing with nature.

Stinging Nettles

Stinging Nettles.

Can cause nasty burning sensation and intense itchy rash when contact with the skin.  Notice the Dock Plant to the right on the photo.

Dock Leaf

Dock Leaves.
These are found in and around patches of stinging nettles.  These plants can be quite small but also quite large. They are broad leafed, smooth, and often have mottled red patches on the leaf.

Treating nettle rash with a Dock Leaf

Pick a Dock Leaf
Scrunch it up in your hand to release the natural oil.  Gently rub on the skin that has been affected by stinging nettles.  Then wrap the leaf around the area for a few minutes.  The sting should disappear in under a minute and the rash should go down within 5 minutes.

I hope this has helped those of you who don’t know this instant remedy.  Try it, it really works.

The Breathtaking Nature

Sunrise at home
Sunrise (no this photo has NOT been edited!)

Sunset at home
Sunset (although the photo looks calmer, the sky was a rich orange)

Night at home
Night time – til this day I still cannot work out that glow that remains all night long!

Most of my life I always seemed to end up living in a noisy city.  As I got older and more in tune with myself and my surroundings I couldn’t handle it anymore.  For the last 4 years I have lived in the middle of the black forest in a tiny village tucked away in central Europe.  It is absolutely wonderful. These photos are what I see each day and it is times when I look out my window I can breathe in the beauty and cleanse my soul.