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When things go wrong …

The bad side of the board

After such a wonderful evening and experience of so many beautiful souls coming through, my mum and I decided to use the board the following night.  I was a little dubious because my mother had bronchitis and so was not 100 percent fit – plus we had a couple of glasses of wine to boot!

We started and it was very slow. We knew there were spirits with us but they came and went very fast and were not able to use the board properly.  I was getting tired, my mum was not feeling right and so I said let’s take a break.  I leant back onto a cushion to ease my back but my mother continued to warm up the board when she suddenly said “Sandy you’d better come here”.

As I sat up, I saw my mum shaking. As I leant forward my feet and my hands which were near her went ice cold, like they were trapped inside a dry-ice freezer.  My mum said she was freezing and can feel her spine being frozen from the inside out.  She felt a pressure on her back and on her right side of her neck.  All around us was an absolute chilling icy breeze – it was not pleasant at all.

I immediately asked who this spirit was. He spelled out GORDON. I said leave my mother alone. He moved over NO. I reinstated this 3 times until he said YES. I said that we have absolutely nothing to communicate to you or from you if you are going to act disrespectfully.  I said to my mum, maybe he just wanted to use your voice-box to speak.  The planchette then whizzed to YES.  I told Gordon that this was not possible and that he must only communicate via the board.  He eventually agreed to say GOODBYE and we closed down the board.  I immediately burnt white sage and smudged the whole house until it was so smokey you couldn’t see anything. I then opened the windows and aired.  Usually after smudging, the house is immediately relieved of any negative energies. However, Gordon remained.

We warmed up the house and ourselves, called it a night and went to bed.  In the night I was continuously woken up by loud bangs, knocks and taps in my room.  I knew it was Gordon, but there was nothing I could do apart from tell him to leave. He was obviously either desperate to talk or he was just being obnoxious, either way his behaviour was unacceptable.

In the morning I asked how my mum had slept downstairs in the guest room.  She said she kept hearing me in the hallway calling her and she kept hearing things “pinging”.

I explained to her that I was upstairs all night long and that I did not call her once in the night.  The pinging we later found were 3 plastic pegs had unpegged themselves from the washing room, snapped away and pinged across the hall. Gordon eventually left during that day and has not reappeared since, thankfully.

This is when things can get out of hand. Never use a board when you are sick, on medication or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Believe me, I am experienced in working with spirits, but nothing prepared me for that night.