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Night Terrors Anyone?

It isn’t just children who get night terrors although us big people usually call them bad or disturbing dreams.  We all get bad dreams but what if the dreams don’t stop. Imagine … each night as soon as you fall asleep you are taken on a horrific journey. Forced to go places and see things that most people couldn’t even comprehend, let alone experience…

.. As more and more people are opening themselves up to the unseen influences they are forgetting the most important thing – protection.  You should use your imagination and surround yourself and your loved ones in a protective light.  Some people like to imagine an egg shape around them – or with me, I love using mirrors – so my own protection consists of a light of small tiny mirrors .. the good stuff can get in, but the bad stuff just gets reflected off.

There are negative energies out there that feed off human emotions.  To name a couple are Succubus and Incubus. A Succubus is a female entity and and Incubus is a male entity, both feed off the energy of a sexual climax, which they themselves initiate usually when the victim is sleeping, if the victim wakes up they feel paralysed. If one is not aware of what is happening to them or how to deal with it, more often than not the entity will return each night to feed, paralysing their victims whilst they do so.

Other entities feed off other emotions such as fear.  Again, it is easier to do this when the victim is asleep and in the form of nightmares.  My mother was a victim for many months. She was taken night after night on terrifying journeys in her sleep and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.  Any sleeping pills she took actually made it worse as it rendered her even more powerless.

Unfortunately, she didn’t tell me about these events until she phoned me one day and told me she can’t cope with it anymore, she can’t sleep properly and she is feeling more and more tired that she just doesn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.  We had a long chat about negs and we realised that she was under attack. From that day forward she has not been attacked since.  Just the mere knowledge of what it was, was enough to send it on it’s way!

I found a great book by Robert Bruce which although can seem a little far fetched in places it most certainly brings to light what IS out there and what COULD happen.  It walks you though scenarios and the best method to rid yourself of these beings.  However, this book was written mainly for extreme cases, although I feel still important to have.  Usually when the victim confronts the entity before even going to sleep and the victim is aware of what is happening, chances are the entity won’t stick around anyway and will move on.

Many, many people are coming to me with these types of problems, and even though I am no expert in this field, this is something that should be brought more out in the open and discussed.

Practical Psychic Self-defense:
Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences by Robert Bruce