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The 3am startler …

My 3am Visitor

The photo is just a representation of what happened. I tried to recreate the incident as best as I could using photoshop to give you an idea of what it was like.

As per usual being woken up by bangs and taps I hauled myself out of bed one night around 3am and went to the bathroom. As I returned to my bedroom a ball of light, in between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball literally flew out from my clothes area, shot in front of me, whizzed over my chest, halted for a split second at the side of my bed then flew full pelt across my bed and disappeared into the wall.
I have never experienced this before nor since, which is a shame because although it startled me, I didn’t feel threatened or worried at all. I stayed up most of that night trying to communicate in the hope it would return but it was long gone.
It was almost like I had startled it, like a bird in a bush, when you walk past you don’t see them but they see you and they fly out in a panic chirping away.  OK, now this spirit didn’t chirp, but I did get the impression that I had frightened it as I came back into my room.
I guess I should learn to return to my bed a little more dainty and quietly at 3am instead of shuffling like a half dead zombie clambering back to my duvet-clad abode.
The main thing that I find surprising is that I built my house myself about 3 years ago. The house only has my energy in it, inside, in-between and out.  I find it fascinating that even a new building with practically zero history can be so active – the ground it is built on is only farmer’s field land but I am wondering if anything was here centuries ago.  The area I chose to live in has such a vibrant energy and one that I have never experienced anywhere else in the world.  Could there be ancient stories of old that might shed some light on this energy and activity?