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When things go right …

The good side of the board

I had my mother and a good friend come round for an evening of Ouija.  My friend is German so we were interested to see what would happen and if the board would use German or English to communicate.

The 3 of us sat down together and the air was thick with activity you could hardly breathe.  However, we were just getting through tons of nonsense.  One gent in particular got quite annoyed with me and spelt out PEN because I told him I didn’t understand what he was saying.  I got up, retrieved a pen and paper and proceeded to write down everything he spelt out.  Again everything he spelt out was gobbledygook and when I asked if he was playing games he abruptly went to NO and left.

He spelt out the following: HOW E N L O P U C D P H L H J M

If this means anything to anyone please let me know and I can pass on the message to the right person.

After that it felt as though the board was being used by many different spirits.  We asked how many spirits wanted to speak and the number 5 was shown.  I could feel the tension in the room and tried to “order” them to take turns.  One funny spirit came through and when I asked him who he was he said number 2.  I have to admit it is surprising how many spirits have an amazing sense of humour – but sadly he was only with us for a minute then he left.

This is one of the things that I have found. Most spirits are very limited in their time of communication or they just run out of energy.  I don’t know why most can’t stay long but usually once they have said their bit, they usually leave.

The board continued and I felt an elderly lady come through. She spelt out HELLO HOME ONCE AGAIN. I was so pleased to have someone come through so coherent. I asked her name and she spelt out CLEO.  I asked her how old she was when she died and she moved over 7 then 4. She then began to move the planchette to goodbye but I quickly said “Are you happy now” – she moved the planchette to YES then went back to GOODBYE and left.

It is times like this when you feel emotional and we sent her off with well wishes, peace and love.  Just as we were about to close for the evening a man came through.  He spelt out BILL UNCLE.  I didn’t know any Uncle Bill and neither did my mum. I asked my friend who nodded wide eyed and said she has an Uncle Bill in Texas but he is still alive.  I asked the spirit if he was Uncle Bill. The board spelt out NO. I asked the spirit if he has a message for Uncle Bill. The board spelt out YES. I asked what he wished to say to Uncle Bill.  The board spelt out HI HOW PAL.  I asked the spirit what his name was so we can pass on the good wishes to Uncle Bill and he spelt out JJ.

He then left peacefully and the energy in my room was fantastic. It was really vibrant and although still thick of residual energy it was positive.

The next day I enquired if my friend’s Uncle Bill knew a JJ.  He did – Jay Jay was a guy he was with in the Army