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The Skull Collector ..

The skull collector .. yes that’s me! Guilty!

Having a dog is a wonderful asset when rambling through the thick forests here in Germany. Mainly because he scares away any wild boar that is rife in this area (and could be dangerous).

On my travels in the last week I have found some wonderful natural skulls in the local forests … I was actually looking for some deer antler but they don’t shed them at this time of year and any that were shed last Spring have probably been nibbled and eaten away by mice (as it contains lots of good stuff in them).

The boar skull I found isn’t fully deteriorated (the greasy marrow is still coming through the bone) and it has a real overwhelming stench to it *gag* .. but next week I plan to clean it up with some boiling water and cleaning agents. I was actually shocked at the size of this thing – I knew boars were big but I honestly didn’t think they were quite that big. It has put another perspective on the way I roam freely through the forest now, I can tell you.

I also found a boar tusk – which is the length of my whole hand and a badger skull.

I went out again early this morning with Nico looking for more little treasures and he picked up a scent and was having fun that I just followed without thinking. Stupid me! Suddenly I heard what I can only describe as a donkey with a sore throat right behind me. I knew this was a boar and I ran as fast as I could at the nearest clearing towards home I could scramble to; dog in tow, thinking what a great game this is.

I didn’t even look back, I just ran like hell. I think I should give the forest a rest from my presence for a while and stick to the main walkways and paths. Phew .. the thought of having one of tusks or teeth in my backside is way too much to handle!