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OH you are so lucky …

One thing many people say to me is “OH you are SO lucky”… yes I guess I am in a sense, however, particularly over the last 6 years or so I have lost all knowledge of what a good nights sleep means.  Not a night goes by where I am not woken up by knocks, bangs, lights, nudges, voices and the latest of the lot – snoring. ..These are mainly just audibles & visuals – don’t even get me started on batteries discharging – my mobile phone’s battery being a prime target overnight and not forgetting strange smells that appear from the scent of flowers to rotten eggs!

I usually have a small night light on when I go to bed because not being able to see diddly-squat is too un-nerving and just adds fear to the blackness of the night.  Usually spirits come through around the time from 1am. 2am is usually very active and that can last for a good half an hour or so. Come 3am/3.30am it starts to quiet again, 4am again less active and 5am, usually gone.

Most spirit I feel just comes through to let you know that they are there. Usually once they have said their bit, gotten your attention they disappear.  Some will linger for hours though and I have to get quite forceful in asking them to PLEASE let me get some sleep.

One gent went through a stage of literally shouting loudly in my ear – always when I was sleeping and I could never understand what he was saying.  True, it could have been a dream but it was so loud and so close it always woke me up with a start!  After a few “words” I had with him, he hasn’t done it for a while, which is always nice when they respect your wishes.

Recently though, I have been woken up by heavy breathing, like snoring next to me in the bed and I sleep ALONE. The way I sleep is usually with my right ear to the pillow because it is this ear that is usually affected when I hear things from spirit – so I bury it in hope it lessens the noise – any psychics/mediums reading this will be laughing because I am sure they know what I mean – it probably won’t make a blind bit of difference but what the heck it makes me feel more secure!  I see you laughing!

So as I sleep on the right side of the bed my head is turned away from my invisible neighbour on the left sounding like they are catching flies next to me. Without looking I lay there, wide eyed, very awake just listening to it.  The first time it happened I assumed it was one of my sons who had sneaked in beside me who had drifted into a deep sleep snoring away .. alas when I looked, nobody was there.  The next few times I could feel the hair prickle on my neck, my skin go cold and I would slowly turn to face the snorer …. as soon as I do this it stops!

I don’t consider myself a fantastic psychic or medium by far. I don’t have any control of who comes to me or when they come.  All I do is let them know I am ready to receive and take it from there.  I also strongly do not believe that one should summon spirit to talk. I am generally happy to talk with those passing through but I will never attempt to force them.  For me this is disrespectful and it should be a two way thing. I don’t like it when they prod me at 2am to pass on a message and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable in doing the same to them in their realm.

I now have a small camcorder and what I aim to do is try and catch some activity on it.  Usually though, I have to confess, I am too tired – sleep to me is like finding gold dust so if I have a chance to sleep I will take it rather than get up out of bed and run around chasing spirits. 🙂